You Were After Poetry

A Double Bill of Comedies

By Steven Bloomer & Peter Quilter

Bride To Be by Peter Quilter


Angela is marrying for the third time to the dismay of her brother Toby, amidst a barrage of bad omens and a dress resembling a parachute.

You Were After Poetry by

Steven Bloomer


A fast paced and witty relationship comedy showing one couples break-up and it’s after effects.

These two plays together, make for an hour long performance; brimming with cunning one- liners and heightened physical comedy all underlined with humorous relationship dramas.

Toured to the Following Venues:

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

Cygnet Theatre, Exeter

Mission Theatre, Bath

Alma Theatre, Bristol

Victory Hall, BroadClyst

Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis

Arts Centre, Crediton

TCAT Theatre, Tiverton

Town Hall, Launceston

Community College, Launceston

Current Production
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