'The witty dialogue is perfectly timed and the physical comedy delivered with superb pace and energy.'


'Brilliantly performed by TicTac Theatre'

'It really was an absorbing performance and great to watch'

'The acting within this performance was superb'.

'The performance was executed with precision, comedic timing and chemistry between characters'. 

'Hannah and Scott are slick together'

'Physical comedy was choreographed extremely well'

'Performed by Hannah Brooks and Scott Goodair – if you searched all year you couldn’t cast The Open Couple better.'


'Convincing and engaging, Hannah held our sympathy throughout while Scott’s charm carries us to laughter despite his behaviour.'


If you don’t get the chance to see Tic Tac’s ‘The Open Couple’, I’m sorry for you. And I can’t wait to see what they serve up next.




'Brooks and Goodair attacked this demanding play with verve'


'They made it look effortless'  


'A fantastic example of play and performers finding a perfect match'





'A mixture of still images and exaggerated movements made for hilarious encounters that were bound to be troublesome for both characters.' 


'Unrelenting pace kept the audience engaged and on their toes as to what could possibly happen next!' 

The Daily Fringe



Stunning performance @TictacTheatre @BikeShedTheatre last night beautifully choreographed and very funny one to watch out for

Documental Theatre


Delightful The Open Couple @BikeShedTheatre by @TictacTheatre. Really funny, playful, physical, light and witty. Can't wait to see it again

Alistair Ganley    Director


Pitch perfect production of Dario Fo's zany play, Open Couple, on marriage fidelity by new company TicTac Theatre. Scott Goodair and Hannah Brooks performances in a troubled relationship are outstanding.

Nick Discombe    Writer


The Open Couple

You Were After Poetry

'Clever selection of set, props and staging'


'Delightful comedy double bill, which was fast paced with smooth scene changes'

'Thoroughly entertaining and punchy'

'Witty language based interchanges and high energy physical comedy'

'Themes addressed were identifiable making the bitter sweet comical moments that much more poignant'

'Impressive at how quickly they made the seamless transition into the next performance'

'Well acted, thoroughly enjoyable and well worth watching'

Nature Knows Best

'TicTac Theatre convincingly capture the voice and movements of the three different pairs of creatures'

'Simple, effective and very funny'

'Vocally the animals are all distinct and really clearly defined'

'The physicality of the actors as they become the different creatures is fascinating to watch'


'The transitions between scenes are entertaining and the accompanying music is so much fun'

'I loved the idea for the seaweed…it was inspired'